Week in Style: Andrew Garfield, Dane DeHaan

As you can all see, I’ve not been into blogging for some time now. I took those times to be able to finish all my paper works, interviews, shooting and some other stuffs. And I’m here again. One of the very first post I had after that break was a video from Calvin Klein. Now here’s a comeback of the “Week in Style” Here’s your dose of fashion and clothing again from the persons in the industry. Enjoy and till we meet again. Gnarly!



Here’s Ryan Gosling in that velvet suit and pants. Why does everything he wears look awesome? I mean, we should like create a book in honor of his awesomeness of style.



DeHann is someone to look forward to. Did anyone of you noticed that bright blue or neon sole on his shoes?


Josh looks good with those colors, but seriously? Tuck that shirt, bro.  



I reckon that Shia has some kind of obsession with Polo Shirts lately. 



Garfield sure knows how to pull it off. That varsity jacket is cool.


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Photo: gq.com


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