Featured Blogger: Gabriel Wulf

As I’ve told you in my earlier posts, I will feature a blogger that manifests an excellent and new style. So previously, I’ve been scanning through the lookbook posts of Gabriel Wulf and I must say that I’m very impressed with how he mix and match those clothes and combine color and style to modern man. He is an architect student in Zürich, Switzerland. He is inspired by photography, music, art and creativity; even his taste of clothing was inspired by his great interest in architecture and the arts. According to his later interviews, he wears clothes not to be naked, but to express emotion and mood. He also described how Zürich is beginning to be a fashion capital but thinks that it still needs to be diverse in its own terms in order to grow and breed fashion enthusiasts.He said he never had a personal style. He greatly adore the fact of combining different parts of an outfit and the tension it creates to portray depth and style, which can influence others and how they interact with you. Shoes speaks a lot about someone’s personality. Wearing one that shows your likes the most is essential.

As I’ve seen from all his looks, he is one creative kid. He manages to mix different colors to create an atmosphere, something funny, laid, deep and happy. It’s what separates him from all the other bloggers out there. He has this aura that just sets everybody to look at him and be inspired to try out and be fashionable. It also seems that he juggles with his face cause in every look we’ve seen, he shifts into somebody else which is a pretty good thing because we haven’t seen something like that to others everyday. It is also something very natural. He is someone to look out.

Here are some of his looks: Image










If you want to see more from him, 

Lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/user/217985-Gabriel-W

TUmblr: http://just-another-fashion-blog.tumblr.com/


Photo: lookbook



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