This week in Street Style

You all know how I love street style. Everything about it just feels so comfortable, coo and laid. It’s always what you want to wear when walking outside, buying some drink or simply meeting someone. The modern man steps this standard to a whole new level, introducing a more stylish look but still maintaining that cool ambiance we all admire. Using prints and lines are pretty necessary now to create more depth and volume to the occasion. Right, I will introduce you to Street Friday. It is a collection of all the street looks within the week. Presenting, the set of photos for the week. You can might as well, try out that look and add our own touch and flavor. 

ImageJust look at that red hair. It compliments everything about his outfit. Patterned suit and glasses.

ImageThat jacket looks good and warm. Black matches that navy sweater perfectly.

ImageBlogger Adam Gallagher and MindTheChap collab.

ImageBlack Polo Shirt and Olive green pants. Bikes are for the Pros.






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