Featured Blogger: Edward Honaker

So, I’m an avid Lookbook viewer. I always visit the site to look for interesting clothes to wear and style to check out (I still haven’t posted a photo though but I will someday). The site offers a variety of styles from bloggers all over the world. One of the most awesome and sharp-looking styles I’ve seen were from a San Diego, California blogger, Edward Honaker.

Honaker told in an interview with Lookbook that he had no interest in fashion until he was fifteen years old. After watching a Jonas Brothers special, the thought of trying out cool clothes came into existence. The rest is another story.

What I’ve noticed with his style is that he doesn’t try to be very fashionable or outrageous. He keeps it simple, comfortable and clean. He usually wears brogues, matches it with pants, chinos or jeans and adding a plain colored or checkered shirt. The coolest thing about him is his hair. Many have probably asked how he does it and I, myself, is one of the thousand guys hoping to get that awesome hair. Coats and suits looked pretty important in his collection, as I’ve seen a few looks where he sports a simple shirt and suit style.

You can visit his site at http://edwardshair.net/ . For now, here are some of his latest looks.

ImageImageImageImageImagePhotos: http://edwardshair.net/


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